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Mon-Sun: 6:30am-10pm

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Build Strength

Strength is more than just muscle gain. It’s a state of mind that we build with you session by session.


Rehabilitation can be an intense and often psychological effort, be it from injury, incident, or even a past lifestyle choice.

Manage Weight

In addition to what we do in the gym, we assess your lifestyle and tailor a plan to bring you into your best shape.

Sport Specific

With practice, anybody can become a good player, but we take you further than that. We identify your edge and nurture it.

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Personal Trainer

Matt has been coaching in Norwich since 2001. During this time, he has been involved with one of the largest health clubs in the area for over 16 years, working with a range of clients from complete beginner to professional athlete.

Throughout this period, he has accumulated countless hours of hands on practical coaching experience, experience that can only truly be obtained through spending so many hours on the gym floor. However, it is this time and experience that enables him to deliver the very best guidance to you.

Matt first began his journey into fitness at the age of 7 when he entered his first martial arts class. Since then, he has managed to earn a 4th degree black belt and have had the opportunity to train and coach in the United States, Australia and Europe. In addition to this he has continued to study and work with some of the best coaches in the country, attending regular courses in weightlifting, martial arts, and nutrition, constantly aiming to continue his development within the fitness industry, whilst passing this knowledge on to others.

Over recent years he has worked not only as a personal trainer but also as an exercise referral consultant, working alongside GP’s and Physiotherapists, an educational course tutor and an NVQ training assessor.

Mobile: 07956 018 992



Personal Trainer

Fitness has been a big part of my life from a young age. Unfortunately, I was never gifted with any talent when it came to sports. That always pushed me to work harder. So I’m a firm believer that hard work pays off. 

I always give 110% when offering my service. I offer both support inside and outside the gym. No question is a silly question, as I want you to understand why you’re doing whatever I ask you to do. 

I know some workouts can be repetitive and boring. This is why I like to add in new, exciting routines to keep things fresh and fun. The aim is for you to come and train, feeling excited and motivated, not reluctantly going through the motions.

Mobile: 07496725695


Personal trainer

Josh has been personal training for nearly 15 years, working with a range of clients from professional athletes to complete beginners.

He holds a Degree in Strength and Conditioning, and with his time at university he was able to train elite athletes, including Crystal Palace Academy football players and England volleyball men’s players. This time and experience helped Josh generate a professional process that he continues to develop and evolve based on the client.

Over the past year, Josh decided to add another string to his bow and started working as a Sports Therapist, focusing on injury rehabilitation and gaining his level 3 & 4 within sports massage.

Using his knowledge and experience from many years of coaching, he is now wanting to help people train and live injury free. His training and coaching style is now tailored towards using corrective exercises and sports performance to generate a well rounded physique and body that moves well and feels great! In doing this, it eliminates any compensations that may be present and any niggles that may have prevented the client from training beforehand.

If you would like to know more about how Josh can help with any current injuries or how he can help you gain strength and perform to your highest capabilities, then feel free to message him and book in a free consultation.





Personal trainer

Hi, I’m Kyle,

I’ve always been passionate about health, fitness, and sport, as well as the benefits they offer. I enjoy assisting others in sports and helping them improve themselves, reaching their fullest potential, and striving to achieve more.

I began teaching martial arts at the age of 14 after seven years of training, during which I attained my 2nd Dan Black Belt. I instructed individuals of all age groups, aiding them in enhancing their fitness levels and understanding of the sport.

At 16, I commenced training at the gym while pursuing my Level 3 qualification in sports science, followed by my Level 3 certification in personal training.

With over four years of experience, I’ve helped numerous individuals achieve their fitness goals, conducting over 1500 personal training sessions. Let’s work together to achieve your goals, whatever they may be!
Mob: 07415 399391

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